As Bronto continues to grow and invest in a consistent cross-platform user experience, there is an emergent need for an effort to maintain a shared design language and style across the platform. To achive this we are building a visual Style Guide and front-end Component Library that consists of re-usable components for designers and developers to use while building amazing products.

Bronto Design Principles

Our core principles are at the forefront of every desgin decision we make. They guide us as we create UI patterns and layouts. We challenge ourselves, wtih every new design or refinement to exisitng work, to ensure we are:


We create a clear path for users to complete their tasks and eliminate uncertainty. We are transparent, enabling users to be aware of where they are in the system at all times.


We design a cohesive experience throughout the platform to build user confidence and strengthen intuition. Using consistent elements, patterns, and language removes the guesswork for the user.


We respect our users' time. Completing tasks should be effortless and intentional, but speed should not lead to inaccuracies.


We make complex processes easy to understand without losing their functionality or their sophistication.


We design a polished and refined interface, but not without intention and purpose. Our users should be delighted and not distracted.


We make decisions based on insights from user interviews, analytics, and testing. We learn from our users' behavior and adapt our designs for maximum effectiveness.

Bronto Style Guide v.0.9.8